Investigation of the action mechanism of actidione

Author: Admin Posted at 12/04/10

Investigation of the action apparatus of actidione on yeasts has fabricated it absolutely bright that yeasts with a top respiratory quotient, i.e. acerb aerobic fermenting, are abnormally acute to actidione. These observations led to attempts to appraise whether actidione intervenes in the Embden-Meyerhof aeon in abeyant yeasts. There appears to be a analysis on the agitator alcoholdehydrogenase. The agitator lactic acid-dehydrogenase from muscle, which aswell contains DPN as coenzyme, shows absolutely the aforementioned blazon of sensitivity. From an assay of the could cause of this aftereffect it appears that in vitro glutarimide and succinimide can imitate the action of actidione on these enzymes exactly. Substitution of the imido accumulation absolutely destroys the action of these substances. It is apparent that it is apparently account while to appraise a accomplished alternation of glutarimide and succinimide derivatives for fungicidal and anti-tumour activity.

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